Giving Back

Sports and community

Golf ball and puck with logo.

It is not giving back, rather it is living.

  A1 and the staff believe in Saskatoon.  So you will find Ted at various KofC events, model clubs and Wild Life events.  Jordan is likely behind the bench at a minor hockey team or playing charity golf. Others are leading Scout troops or working in their church.  

When we are not working, we are in the community.

The Planet

Paper boxes

Wow, do we ever kill a lot of trees.

We are working on that, sourcing sustainable paper, minimizing printing, biking or walking to work or working from home.

We love spending our free time outside and work with our clients to make sure we reduce our foot print.

The firm has been working on a deal to make sure trees are planted to replace the ones that we use.  Any leads as to the best use of our money would be helpful.

Maximum Effort

Unicorn with Rainbow Flames.

So one of the partner's has convinced his wife that if they run a couple 100 km to train and run a half marathon people would feel sorry for them and donate to support a good cause or something like that.  They covered their own cost for entrance into the event, so 100% of the funds they raise this summer are going towards the project.

The cause is genetic research and the charity is the Dragon Master Foundation.

More information or donations can be made directly via the button.